Boredom is counterrevolutionary

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Boredom is counterrevolutionary 08:19

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  • hochgeladen 28. Mai 2020

At the famous waterfall Strbacki buk in Una National park, Kulen Vakuf naer Bihac, respectively on the borders of Fortress Europe Bosnia Herzigowina two individuals, one from the region, another from abroad, Germany which is part of Europe, meet and consider the principles of economic political structures. The Short film itself takes a rather unexpected turn on a situation without borders reflecting on their scene as a set up and referring it to the life we live in and out of Europe, in and out a certain narative.

"what are you working on exactly - reification – its an impportant work - yes, it is - I see, seroius work and a hug desk clutter with thick books and papers- no, mainly I am chasing waterfalls. I don´t stick to the rivers and the lakes that I am used to."

Kategorien: Autorenfilm, Kurzfilm
Sprache: Englisch
Untertitel: Englisch
Regisseur: Jos Diegel
Drehbuch: Jos Diegel
Produzent: Jos Diegel
Besetzung: Clarissa Seidel, Admir Sedic

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