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The Trouble with Barry 01:28:03

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Barry is a narcissistic sociopath -- but is he also a killer? Babes in lingerie, workout montages, cat scares, shower scenes, and red herrings abound in this award-winning throwback to B-Movie Madness. Boasts a stellar ensemble cast amid the insanity.

Kategorien: Komödie, Langfilm
Herstellungsland: United States<p>
Sprache: english<p>
Untertitel: english<p>
Cast & Crew: Directors - Mike Justice, Stephen Kitaen<p> with:<br> - Peter Stickles<br> - Rena Riffel<br> - Lynn Lowry<br> - Juliette Danielle<br> - Linnea Quigley<br> - Brinke Stevens<br> - Michelle Bauer<br> - Michael Carbonaro<br> - Matthew Stephen Herrick<br> - Eric Dean<br> - Chris Pudlo<br> - Robbie Banfitch<br> - Rove McManus<br> - Kelly Keaton<br> - Bruce L. Hart<p>
IMDB: <a href="" target="_blank">The Trouble with Barry</a>
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