The Hunting of the Snark


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The Hunting of the Snark 01:05:22

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Based on Lewis Carroll's final poem, this is the tale of a group of strangers that come together in search of a mythical Snark, regardless of the fact that none of them know what it is or have any idea how to go about catching it.

Herstellungsland: United Kingdom
Untertitel: German, English
Regisseur: Saranne Bensusan
Besetzung: Joerg Stadler, Laurence Aldridge, Saranne Bensusan, Simon Fox, Shiraz Khan, Maia Krall Fry, Rowena Lennon, Chris Lumb, Lawrence Mallinson, Andrew McDonald, Sean Earl MacPherson, Nigel Osner, Kevin Potton, Hannah Raehse-Felstead, Andrew Sellon, Tom Stanley, J.P. Turner, Dan Tinmout

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