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Konfetti 01:38:09

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Jean and Sheryl are marrying. The families are tense and the best man has made a complete mess of the arrangements. Desperate, he books the first available singer – big mistake! This perfect wedding is quickly turning in to a tangled mess.

Kategorien: Romanze, Komödie, Langfilm, Family
Herstellungsland: South Africa<p>
Sprache: english<p>
Untertitel: english<p>
Cast & Crew: <p>Director - Zaheer Goodman-Bhyat<p> with:<br> - Louw Venter<br> - Nico Panagiotopoulos<br> - Casey B. Dolan<br> - Kim Engelbrecht<br> - Casper de Vries<br> - Christel van den Bergh<br> - Jana Strydom<p>
IMDB: <a href="" target="_blank">Konfetti</a>
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