Medien How Not to Work & Claim Benefits

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How Not to Work & Claim Benefits 01:34:53

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Two welfare cheats find themselves hung over with a load of cash and the vague memory of a dodgy job offer. But when their benefactor comes to check if his 'task' has been completed, they must learn to tell the truth or be lost in a lie forever.

Kategorien: Komödie, Langfilm
Herstellungsland: United Kingdom
Sprache: English
Untertitel: English
Regisseur: Patrick McConnell
Drehbuch: Patrick McConnell
Produzent: Marie Adler, Lynne Payne
Besetzung: Jeremy Grainger, Patrick McConnell, Rhys Atherton, Stuart Horobin, Victoria Gotham, Robert Danks

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