Furple Reign

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The "Furple", a lonesome furry alien is on its way across the vast emptiness of space. Accompanied only by a tiny robot called "Arnold" the two of them fight evil aliens and have to occupy themselves during the endless journey... Their destination: Earth! Their mission: Top Secret!

Herstellungsland: Deutschland
Jahr: 2013
Regisseur: Daniel Raboldt
Drehbuch: Daniel Raboldt
Produzent: Maik Evers and Daniel Raboldt
Besetzung: Maik Evers as "The Furple", Daniel Raboldt as the voice of "Arnold, the robot" and the Narrators

More info at: http://www.nocturnus-film.de/home/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NocturnusFilm Please comment and subscribe! Thank you ;)  Written and directed by: Daniel Raboldt Produced by: Maik Evers and Daniel Raboldt Camera: Thorsten Franzen Camera assistent: Stefan Weski Set Design: Thorsten Franzen Creature Design: Maik Evers Music: Leo-Lucas Schwemin and Smartsounds VFX: Daniel Raboldt Cast: Maik Evers as "The Furple" Daniel Raboldt as the voice of "Arnold, the robot" and the Narrators Copyright Düsseldorf, Germany 2013 by Nocturnus Film

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28. November 2018 11:37:02 CET

Soooo lustig, soooo süß!