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Robert, his boyfriend Markus and his autistic brother Ferdi try to survive in a devastated, cold world, where zombies roam. Together with a group of other people they hide in an isolated mansion, but they all know they can't stay there forever. They need to get into the mountains in Austria, but they have only one small car. In addition to the rising tension, why does Ferdi sneak out at night in secrecy?

We shot this film in deepest winter at zero degrees, snow was planned in the script and the zombies were supposed to be frozen, but well, it was just grey and raining all the time... but perfect for the mood of the movie. Our makeup guy however had to adjust the mask and makeup on the spot and some color correction in post had to make them look less frosty...

Kategorien: Mittellanger Film, Queer
Regisseur: Roman Deppe

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