Saving The Cinematic Experience


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Saving The Cinematic Experience 13:24

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Saving The Cinematic Experience is a short documentary showcasing some of the best talents on YouTube, film criticism and others who work in the industry, as they share their passion for cinema. All footage by participants were submitted in various different camera qualities and mic setups, but all with a common goal in mind, to keep the movie theater experience alive.

Kategorien: Dokumentation, Kurzfilm
Herstellungsland: United States
Untertitel: English
Regisseur: Nick Casaletto
Produzent: Jessica Callen
Besetzung: Chris Stuckmann, Kyle Crichton, Deidre Crimmins, Austin Putnam, John Maffeo, Nick Casaletto
FSK: folgt

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1 Kommentare

Background music is a little bit to loud, but I love the cinema experience, too! And I also love to watch movies online.

16. Dezember 2018 10:37:05 CET