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Model Minority 01:33:46

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Kayla, an underprivileged half-Japanese American teenager, endangers her promising future as an aspiring artist when she becomes involved with an L.A. drug dealer.

Written and directed by Emergency Room’s Lily Mariye, this gritty, sexually frank coming-of-age story has won 11 awards. Set in inner-city Los Angeles. Stars the immensely sympathetic newcomer Nichole Bloom in a compelling, cross-cultural, character-driven drama.

Kategorien: Drama, Coming of Age, Langfilm
Herstellungsland: United States
Sprache: English
Untertitel: English
Regisseur: Lily Mariye
Besetzung: Nichole Bloom, Jessica Tuck , Helen Slater , Laura Innes
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1895484/

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