Anséra - Trace the future

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Anséra - Trace the future 01:09:04

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  • hochgeladen 27. März 2018

Bergamo, North of Italy, December 13th, 2014, the local festivity of Saint Lucy. Anséra - Trace The Future is an exciting road-movie with Mrs Tullia Silvia Andreini (Bergamo, 1927) through the key places of her life. Mrs Tullia’s granddaughter Valentina (Bergamo, 1989) - who now lives in London - escorts the old lady. The result is a witty generational dialogue tracing the most peculiar social, historical and cultural changes that the city of Bergamo - and more broadly the whole nation - has been going through for the past 90 years.

Kategorien: Dokumentation, Langfilm
Herstellungsland: Italy
Untertitel: Italian English German
Regisseur: Valentina Signorelli, Lorenzo Giovenga
Produzent: Valentina Signorelli and Lorenzo Giovenga for Daitona with Oki Doki Film supported by Fondazione Credito Bergamasco
Besetzung: Tullia Silvia Andreini, Valentina Signorelli

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